The world is a little shaky and uncertain right now, but Easter reminds us that our faith and hope is in Jesus Christ and that is a hope that will never be shaken!

Even if you don’t normally attend church, this Easter would be a great time to check it out in person or online.

Our Good Friday Communion service is Friday, April 2nd at 12:15pm.

Good Friday is a day to pause, and reflect on the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for us. The midday service time gives you the chance to come and bring a co-worker with you during your lunch hour.

On Easter Sunday we will gather at 9:30am for one giant celebration service outdoors to celebrate the resurrection of our risen Savior. After service, you’re invited to stick around for a giant Easter egg hunt for kids.

Would you make it a point to find one person who could use a little hope this Easter and invite them to come with you to experience all that new life in Jesus has to offer? You can give the gift of hope to someone who needs it by simply extending an invitation for them to join you this Easter. We can’t wait to celebrate the resurrection with you!

Canyon Kids, join us for our Canyon Kids Virtual Easter Scavenger Hunt! Explore Fort Faith in a virtual reality scavenger hunt to spot as many eggs as you can. You will get to explore everywhere from the lobby, to the classrooms, to the lodge and cabin, and everything in between! If you have seen Fort Faith, but have never had a chance to explore inside, this is a great opportunity. Canyon Kids Virtual Scavenger Hunt is live online.

Virtual Easter Scavenger Hunt

Questions? Reach out to us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.