Life Groups

Interested in joining a Life Group? All you have to do is show up! These groups are always open to new members, and we would love to see you next Sunday.


Young Adults | Summit

This season we are focusing on ways we can grow in our intimacy with God. Whether it’s understanding the importance of prayer and fasting, or growing in our knowledge of scripture, we are eager to engage with God and each other. 


Young Families | Fireside Room

Your connection with God can be so much more than going to church, reading the Bible, and attending study groups. “The Power of Knowing God” will equip you with the tools you need for pursuing an authentic and life-transforming relationship with your savior. 


Life Together | Room 101

Join us for a series of studies called “The Year of Purpose”. These studies answer how to live with Christ at the center for each of the following areas: personal, relational, physical, occupational, spiritual, and financial. 


Cornerstones | Room 202

This season we will study the principles of church life. We will learn how to grow in our personal relationship with God, and watch it impact how we love and serve our church. 


Faith Builders | Room 204

Faith Builders is a great group for those looking to grow in their ability to personally study scripture. This season we will be studying the book of 2 Peter. 


The Other Class | Florence Garden’s Clubhouse

Scripture describes our faith journey as a race we are called to run with endurance. If you are looking for applicable principles, rooted in scripture, of how to run your race well, join us for our series “Win the Prize”. 


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