Launch of public awareness campaign in fight against human tracking

On Thursday, March 29th, Canyon Hills Women’s Ministry, in concert with CityServe, is launching a month-long campaign to increase awareness in our community about human tracking.

We are “wrapping” fourteen GET buses with banners broadcasting the national human tracking hotline number. The banners will be in English and Spanish; the intention is to reach a broad spectrum of people in our community. We will unveil the buses on March 29th, during this press conference.

We are running this public awareness campaign to coincide with our annual fundraising event. On Friday, April 13th, Canyon Hills Women’s Ministry, through Project Rescue, is holding its 7th Annual Drive-by-Donation Day event in which we raise funds to help fight Human Tracking. As in past years, we are partnering with a number of local businesses and will have volunteers located at various locations throughout the day receiving donations.

You are invited to attend this press conference and join us as we take another step forward in the fight against human tracking in our community. Please let us know if you, or a designated representative, will attend by calling Leslie at 661-871-1150.