Home Groups

Welcome to our Home Groups! 


Below you'll find information about our Small Groups and also next steps you can take to join a group. Our groups are designed to create space for spiritual growth, community, and a love for God's Word. The content covered in these groups are a continuation of Sunday's message. Many times, something might be said that causes you to have questions and these groups provide that place to ask,  get answers, and so much more. Groups meet weekly for about an hour or so and we guarantee you'll grow in so many ways.


Season 3  Home Groups run from the week of September 3rd - November 9th

If you're ready to join a Home Group, here's your next steps . . .


Step 1: Click the "Join a Group" Button below.


Step 2: Join us on Sundays for worship and the message.


Step 3: Before your group meets, spend time going over your notes from Sunday and answering the questions that are sent to your email inbox. These questions will be sent to you by no later than 5pm on Sundays and will help spark conversations when you gather at your Home Group. If you happen to miss a Sunday morning service, DON'T WORRY. Your weekly email will also include the video link so you can watch or listen.


Step 4: Show up to your Home Group and enjoy!